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Precision Leak Detection

Our non-destructive leak detection service is the key to uncovering hidden problems within your plumbing system without the disruption of traditional methods. Utilizing the latest in camera technology, we offer an accurate, efficient, and minimally invasive way to pinpoint leaks and weaknesses in your pipes.

With precision at the forefront of our services, we provide a diagnostic approach that is both thorough and considerate of your property. Our advanced camera inspections delve into the intricate network of your plumbing, revealing the source of leaks without the need for extensive excavation or wall demolition. This method not only saves time but also maintains the aesthetic and structural integrity of your home or business.

Leak Location

The Clear Advantages of Camera Leak Detection

Explore the clear benefits of choosing our camera leak detection services. From pinpoint accuracy to non-invasive techniques, our methods are designed to offer unparalleled convenience and peace of mind.

Accuracy in Detection

Accuracy in Detection

With camera services, the guesswork in leak detection is eliminated. Our high-resolution cameras provide real-time feedback and detailed images of the inside of your pipes, pinpointing the exact location of leaks with unparalleled accuracy.

Minimal Disruption

Minimal Disruption

Our non-destructive techniques mean that your daily routine remains uninterrupted. Unlike traditional methods that may involve digging or demolition to locate leaks, camera inspections are performed with minimal impact on your property, preserving its aesthetics and structural integrity.

Time and Cost Efficiency

Time and Cost Efficiency

By quickly identifying the source of a leak, we can address the problem directly without unnecessary delays. This efficiency not only saves time but also translates to cost savings, as it prevents the additional expense that often accompanies conventional detection methods.

Preventative Insights

Preventative Insights

Camera inspections do more than just locate current issues; they provide valuable insights into the health of your plumbing system. This allows for the identification and rectification of potential problems before they escalate, ultimately saving you from future headaches and expenses.

Leak Location

Advanced Diagnostics and Smart Solutions

Embrace the future of plumbing problem-solving with our camera-assisted leak location services. By combining sophisticated diagnostic equipment with expert analysis, we bring clarity to complex plumbing issues and offer targeted, intelligent solutions.

Our commitment to technology and expertise translates into a service that offers more than just leak detection. We provide comprehensive insights into the condition of your plumbing, laying the groundwork for repairs that are informed, precise, and effective. With our smart solutions, you can expect a level of service that not only addresses the immediate concerns but also contributes to the overall longevity and reliability of your plumbing system.


"I couldn't be happier with the service provided by Ares Plumbing. From the initial phone call to the completion of the job, everything was handled with professionalism and care. Will definitely be calling them again for any future plumbing needs."

Jennifer Martinez

"Had a fantastic experience with Ares Plumbing. They were very professional and thorough in addressing the leak we had in our bathroom. Their attention to detail and friendly demeanor made the whole process stress-free. Highly recommended!"

Michael Brown

"Huge shoutout to Ares Plumbing for their exceptional work in fixing our clogged drains. The plumber arrived on time, was very knowledgeable, and had the problem sorted out in no time. Can't thank them enough!"

Emily Rodriguez

"Impressed with the quality of service provided by Ares Plumbing. They were quick to diagnose and resolve the issue we had with our water heater. Courteous staff and fair pricing. Will definitely use them again."

John Smith

"Ares Plumbing saved the day when we had a major pipe burst at our home. Their team responded promptly and efficiently, fixing the issue with professionalism. Highly recommend their services!"

Sarah Johnson


How does non-destructive leak detection work?

It uses specialized equipment such as acoustic sensors or infrared cameras to detect leaks without damaging walls, floors, or pipes.

Can camera services locate any type of leak within a plumbing system?

While highly effective for a wide range of leaks, there may be some limitations depending on the location and size of the leak. A professional assessment is needed for each unique situation.

Will I need to prepare my property for a leak detection service?

Typically, the area needs to be accessible, but extensive preparation isn't necessary. Your service technician can provide specific instructions based on your circumstances.

How accurate are camera inspections in pinpointing leaks?

Camera inspections are very accurate and can pinpoint the location of leaks without the need for guesswork, allowing for precise repairs.

What happens if a leak is detected in my property?

Once a leak is detected, a plan for repair is discussed, which may involve fixing the immediate area of the leak or replacing a larger section of pipe if necessary.

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